Retail Webinar: Wednesday, January 11 at 10:00AM PST


Adam Rakib



Danielle Levitas

SVP Research & Analysis

App Annie

Amir Ghodrati

Director, Market Insights

App Annie

“We needed a way to track performance and understand the market. App Annie provides the most complete data, and the greatest ease of use.”

Clinton Wu

Head of Mobile Apps & Games, Mattel, Inc.

“By using App Annie, we’ve come to realize that overall, Pinterest users spend more time per week in our app compared to others. So the market DAU-to-WAU ratio isn’t the best metric to use to compare ourselves to the market, as Pinterest isn’t the type of app you come to every day for a minute — it’s the type of app you come to twice a week for an hour.”

Omar Seyal

Head of Growth at Pinterest