How Much You Gain From Being Featured on Apple's App Store
The Value of an App Store Feature: When (And Where) to Pursue Getting Featured on the App Store

Being featured on the iOS App Store puts your app in the spotlight of a staggering amount of users, many of whom may have never discovered your app on their own. But for all the effort it takes to make your app feature-ready for Apple (which has a list of criteria you need to meet), is the increase worth it? Our App Store Feature Report addresses how being featured affects downloads for apps (both game and non-game) in major app markets.

Using App Annie Intelligence, we looked at how being featured impacted iPhone downloads in five countries at different levels of market maturity: Brazil, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. Games experienced the most lift, especially in South Korea where being featured increased downloads by a full 500%.

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Below are some key highlights from this report

  • Being featured on the iOS App Store can have a significant impact downloads. Games saw a median download increase of 140% while they were featured.

  • Featured mobile games saw the biggest rises in South Korea, followed by Brazil.

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