Mobile Banking Apps in Europe: What Consumers Want
Mobile Banking Apps in Europe: What Consumers Want

Mobile banking and payment apps are experiencing massive global growth. In this report, we turn our attention to Europe where users aren’t just checking their bank balances — they’re making membership decisions based on a bank’s mobile experience.

With £2.9 billion in transfers a week (PDF link) taking place in the UK alone, there’s a lot at stake — but also massive potential for retail banks investing in mobile development. This report is a must-read for European banks considering launching apps in new European markets.

Below is what you can learn from our free report:

  • The top retail banking apps in the United Kingdom, France and Germany

  • ‘Must-have’ app features for key European markets (e.g., in-app messaging with advisors)

  • Strategies top retail banks are using to target and retain new users (particularly younger demographics who are most likely to switch banks)

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