Spotlight on Connected Devices (August 2014)

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By 2020, Gartner estimates over 26 billion connected devices will be installed globally, tapping into common objects ranging from TVs to refrigerators. This is a major industry, and one that has the potential to touch every human across the world in the years to come. App Annie’s latest report dives into the mobile apps that make this industry possible, providing you insight to this rapidly growing sector that’s on track to be a part of every human’s life. 

Below is some of the key information contained within our free report:

  • Apps in the Media and Productivity subcategories lead by downloads and have impressively strong app store penetration
  • August 2014’s Health & Fitness apps grew 2.3x year-over-year, demonstrating a considerable demand for this category
  • App Annie unveils the United States’ #1 connected device app for August 2014
  • See top 5 rankings for the major connected device subcategories: Health & Fitness, Media and Productivity
  • Gain insights into the smaller emerging subcategories: Car, Home and Watch

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