Insights Into App Engagement: Q1 2015

Report Methodology

  • App Annie Usage Intelligence data for smartphones and tablets were derived from mobile usage data collected from a large sample of real-world users, combined with additional proprietary data sets.

  • App Annie tracks usage at the device level, but does not store personally identifiable information such as username, password, and response traffic. A hashed device ID is stored for identification purposes when creating estimates. This device-level data is never distributed.

  • Smartphones are defined as mobile devices with screen sizes below seven inches. Tablets are defined as mobile devices with screen sizes seven inches and above.

  • For the purposes of this report, an active user is defined as a device having one or more sessions with an app in the time period. A single person may be active on multiple devices in any time period, and will therefore be counted as one user per device in the total active users.

  • An iOS session as defined in this report starts when an app connects to the network, and ends when at least 5 minutes elapse with no network activity. Session length is computed as the time from the first network connection in a session to the last network connection of that session.

  • An Android session as defined in this report is the period for which a user has a given app open in the foreground with the screen on. Background data usage does not contribute to session length.  

  • Push notifications are not considered active use and, as a result, do not count towards estimates of users, sessions, or session time.

  • In this report, apps have been attributed to the categories specified by the app publisher on Google Play, regardless of the store from which the app was downloaded. Apps from third-party Android stores are therefore considered under the Google Play category in which the app appears.

  • The app rankings and revenue estimates shown in this report are based on usage and revenue estimates available through App Annie Intelligence.

  • Certain trademarks and/or images used in this report may belong to third parties and are the property of their respective owners. App Annie claims no rights in such trademarks or images.

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