App Annie Google I/O Special Report

Google Play's Phenomenal Growth

Google Play has steadily made gains as one of the largest app stores and App Publishers are taking note. In fact, last year Google Play had nearly 800,000 apps and added200,000 more in just six months.

The findings in this report -- in addition to the new developments at Google I/O -- will provide key business guidance for app publishers, marketers, advertisers and investors.

Insights in this report include:

  • Worldwide downloads and revenue are increasing quarter-over-quarter on Google Play, representing a massive opportunity for app publishers.
  • The major Google Play market regions grew by downloads and revenue over the past year, and South Korea lost the #2 revenue position.
  • Games’ share of Google Play revenue grew from 80% to 90% between Q1 2013 and Q1 2014.
  • Freemium app revenue now accounts for 98% of worldwide revenue on Google Play.

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