Ubisoft handles more than 100 million ad impressions monthly over 10+ titles. In order to maximize yield, they partner with multiple mediation platforms and ad networks. They use App Annie Libring on a daily basis to help them optimize results and ensure they get the most value from their ad monetization stack. 

Hear from Alexis Rosa, Ad Monetization Specialist at Ubisoft Mobile Games, together with Ron Thomas, General Manager Analytics at App Annie, to learn how Ubisoft is maximizing ad revenue and getting the most value from their partners.

The webinar features:

  • The challenges of understanding and comparing monetization performance across partners
  • Macro mobile trends that have brought us to our current state in 2020
  • How to pinpoint your top partners to focus on the most valuable opportunities
  • Organizing, normalizing, and then optimizing disparate data sources
  • How Ubisoft was able to move their monetization efforts from running on custom manual spreadsheets to a flexible up to date web interface visualization using Libring

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