Vietnam : Quick Look
A Mobile Market of Opportunity

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Southeast Asia is a huge growth region for gaming and Vietnam, in particular, represents an emerging market full of opportunity in the mobile economy. Vietnamese publishers continue to see surges in local demand and are already gaining a foothold in the global gaming market. Companies looking to monetize gaming in Vietnam should read our latest report to understand the strengths of local competitors and partners, which high-growth gaming subgenres they should focus on and when to run user acquisition campaigns specific to local peak seasons.

Download the Spotlight on Vietnam: A Mobile Market of Opportunity Report to get the latest insights on the mobile gaming market in Vietnam. 

You will learn:

  • Key emerging trends with respect to gaming in Vietnam
  • Characteristics of the local mobile market with seasonalities
  • Genres of games that find success in the Vietnamese market
  • Top publishers and apps that have tapped into the local market
  • And more!

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